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      April 2019-Russia Moscow SVIAZ ICT Exhibition

      April 2019-Russia Moscow SVIAZ ICT Exhibition

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      April 2019-Photo of Russia Moscow SVIAZ ICT Exhibition


      Welcome to our exhibition introduction page!

      SHENZHEN ETERNITY JU ELECTRONIC CO., LTD. participated in the (Russia) Moscow Communication Exhibition in April 2019. During the exhibition, we mainly promoted our newly developed CAT.7/CAT.8 network cable, USB type-c fast charging cable HDMI cable And other cables, our products have excellent quality and exquisite appearance have won the praise of customers.

      Through the hard working of the our international marketing department, we began to enter the international market of 305m box LAN cable, and successively invited oversea clients and obtained cooperation orders, This will help to increased our popularity in the international market.

      In the preparations for this exhibition, all the employees are actively participated in the project, and provided suggestions and supports. All departments work together and help each other reflected good teamwork. Under the leadership of the company, under the continuous efforts of the EJE team, we believe that company will achieve new heights.

      Thank you for your reading! Looking forward to meet with you!