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      April 2019--Hong Kong global source exhibition

      April 2019--Hong Kong global source exhibition

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             April 2019--Photo of Hong Kong global source exhibition


      We participated in the Hong Kong Global Sources Exhibition in April 2019. In this exhibition, we mainly show Huawei's 5A fast charging line, type-c 90 degree game cable, type-c metal spring line, usb type-c 3.0 data line, CAT.6A SFTP box line, CAT .8 patch cords cable, HDMI cable, etc.


      The R&D department continuously research and innovates on the performance & appearance of the products, and always to catch the customer's needs. The products designed to satisfy the customers are the biggest recognition for our R&D team.


      At this exhibition, company's R&D engineers also went to the site to check and collect information, to understand the latest market and customer needs, it will be more effective!

      Thank you for your reading! Looking forward to meeting with you


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