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      Shenzhen Eternity Ju Electronic Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as EJE) is a professional manufacturer of network communication/digital transmission cable integrating R&D, manufacturing, and sales. The main products include RJ45 cable, RJ11 cable, USB cable, HDMI cable etc. widely used in connection of audio, video, digital, image, and other fields.


      Shenzhen Eternity Ju Electronics Co., Ltd


      EJE was established in 2004, with headquarter in Shenzhen. It covers an area of 6,000m2, more than 200 staff at present. In 2010, EJE set up a branch in Anfu, Jiangxi, named Anfu Eternity Ju Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Anfu EJE). Anfu EJE covers an area of more than 40 acres, 1,300 employees currently.


      EJE is equipped with integrated production facilities of wire extrusion and wire processing. There are 18 pull-out machines, 30 wire twisting machines, 130 injection molding machines, and automatic labeling machines etc. Testing machines are fully equipped, including EDX1800/ROHS detector, FLUKE network analyzer, pressure tester, swing tester, Shore hardness tester, color difference analyzer, salt spray tester, and other reliability testing equipments. Based on the current staffing and facilities, the production capacity can reach 500,000 PCS cable per day.


      Shenzhen Eternity Ju Electronics Co., Ltd


      EJE has experienced R & D team of about 20 engineers, fully realized the product's independent R & D, obtained more than 10 patented technologies; and in 2016 won the title of national high-tech enterprises. The R&D capabilities can not only meet the customized requirements of international large customers, but also provide good solutions. 


      EJE pays more attention to product quality, there are more than 60 quality team members. Shenzhen Plant and Anfu Plant both passed ISO9001/2015 and ISO14001/2015 certifications. The products have passed the UL, Anatel, RCM, and HDMI ATC Testing. All the products meet the environmental protection requirements of customers, laws and regulations.

      Shenzhen Eternity Ju Electronics Co., Ltd

      EJE has its own registered trademark and patented technology, and is determined to become the best wire supplier in the world, to provide customers with the best wire solution.



      Shenzhen Eternity Ju Electronics Co., Ltd

      Mission and vision

      Corporate Vision: To Become a Leader in Communication Transmission and Data Transmission
      Corporate Mission: To provide partners with quality solutions and customized services
      Values: Customer to be the first, to provide a developing platform for the staff with ambition, to maintain the company's long-term and stable development

      Company Profile